As a busy working mum of two, I missed my yoga and pilates classes but found I needed regular, short, accessible movement practices more than ever. Throw in the pandemic, and on-demand classes (rather than hour long classes, or live on Zoom) were the only way I could make movement happen.

You need yoga and pilates the most when you can't seem to fit it in!

Movement and mindfulness for motherhood

Not because you "have to". 
Not because your physio said so.
Not because it's time to "get your body back", lose weight or "fix" yourself.
There is nothing to fix.
You are worthy and whole exactly as you are.

Rather, after 15 minutes of movement, you feel better.
You feel more present, strong and free.
With 5 minutes of mindfulness, you're less reactive, more accepting and flexible with what life presents us. Plus, it's fun.
We don't take ourselves too seriously. We go easy, we work hard if we feel like it, we come to respect and even love our bodies and our selves just as we are. 

Not because you "should"

Movement as
self care

i'd love to hear from you. Come chat with me

You miss yoga and pilates but can't 'make it happen'

You want to (re)start regular movement but don't feel confident

You barely press play on an online class and the baby wakes up

Your bub is now like 3 years old, but you have less time for yourself than ever

You're pregnant and want to keep practicing, rather than being treated like you're broken, or doing boring modifications

You want to be strong and pain free but not smash yourself or pay too much for something you don't use half the time

You're sick of googling/You Tube instructors you don't rate

You like yoga AND pilates and have been told you probably would benefit from mindfulness but can't find it all in one

You want to be motivated to move and challenge your physical body with zero b'shit diet culture/weight loss/'bounce back' chatter

You might need me if...

get in touch

I'm always posting any face-to-face classes I'll be teaching around Melbourne's inner north to my socials so check there. 
If you have any questions, or want to explore the potential for private classes or a special offering for a mother's group or anything - that sounds fun! I'm keen. Send me an email.

Maybe we can hang out IRL?

try heartfelt online

Got 5 minutes? I have a practice for you. Got 10? 20? There are so many options. This is my specialty.
But I even have 20+ min classes sometimes! For, you know, those unicorn days.

I help you make time to look after yourself

Em’s classes are the best. Super welcoming and accepting. Great tunes. Great laughs. I love the combination of aerobic workout and yoga flow.
Highly recommended.


 Em makes everyone feel so comfortable (babies included) and creates such a warm environment that any nerves are soon forgotten. I have always left Em’s class feeling strong, stretchy and refreshed.


Can I report I went to Em's class and it was brilliant. Great teaching, positivity flowing in the room, and I felt like I actually exercised.


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